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    Job days03/10/2009

Job Day Europe

Take part in the Job Day Europe which gathers 10,000 of the most qualified, most multilingual and most motivated applicants since 3 years!

Saturday 3 October 2009
Berlaymont, European Commission

Job Day Europe is a recruitment event for all types of companies and organisations and a practical information event that deals with all aspects of mobility in Europe.
After the spectacular results obtained by the Job Day Europe organised since 2006, we are happy to inform you that the Job Day Europe 2009 will be organised on Saturday 3 October, in the Berlaymont, European Commission's headquarters in Brussels!

90% of the 50 or so employers present in 2008 were satisfied or very satisfied with applicant quality. They all took on at least one of the people they met that day. The 10,000 applicants were particularly motivated and multilingual. Almost 80% of them had a university degree. They came from all over Belgium and in particular the international community in Brussels. 15% of applicants had come especially from another country to participate in Job Day Europe!
Evaluation of exhibitors in 2008
• 90% were satisfied with the event's organisation and location!
• Number of applicants — 84% good | 8% moderate | 8% bad
• Applicant quality — 51% good | 39% moderate | 10% bad
• Number of useful contacts — 54% good | 39% moderate | 7% bad

Attendance fee for employers include a fully equipped booth of 10m² + lunch: 500€ to 2.500€ depending on the number of employees of the company. 1.500€ will be the cost for a booth in the educational or public institutions information area.
• See the complete 2009 file
• See applicant profiles and the evaluation results from employers from 2008
• Download the order form

Please register now through the Job Day Europe official Web site : http://www.jobdays.eu
or send us an email: info@jobdays.eu

The event is organised by the European Commission and the European Job Mobility Portal (EURES), in the framework of the European Job Days (EURES) and of the Brussels Job Days from the Brussels Chamber of Commerce (BECI).