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    Job days20/11/2015

European Digital Jobs Fair

A European Digital Jobs Fair will take place in Spain's capital Madrid on 20 November. The Fair is organised in response to the mismatch between demand and supply of digital technology experts in Europe.

The European Digital Jobs Fair will help Europe address this mismatch. The fair will enable digitally skilled people from Spain to interview for jobs available in companies from Germany, the Netherlands, Spain and the UK, where there is a high demand for digital technology experts.

The fair will also aim to showcase ICT training opportunities for jobseekers and ICT professionals willing to acquire new skills needed to pursue digital careers.

The European Digital Jobs Fair is a collaboration between two European Commission initiatives: EURES, a long-standing employment portal which matches jobs and skills in Europe , and the Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, a multi-stakeholder partnership to tackle the lack of digital skills in Europe and the thousands of unfilled ICT-related vacancies across all industry sectors.

More information and registration :