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The Office of the Rector launches new internship programme

Internship Programme at the Office of the Rector in Tokyo United Nations University's Mission
The United Nations University (UNU) is an international community of scholars, engaged in research, postgraduate teaching and capacity development and dissemination of knowledge in furthering the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
The mission of the UNU is to contribute, through research and capacity building, to efforts to resolve the pressing global problems that are the concern of the United Nations and its Member States. For more information, please visit
Web: http://www.unu.edu

Office of the Rector
The Office of the Rector assists the Rector in the exercise of his responsibilities as the chief academic and administrative officer of the University. This includes the establishment of general policy and direction and coordination in relation to the work of the University and its institutes and programmes.
It also supports the Rector in his contacts with governments, United Nations and other international and national organizations and institutions, research institutes and universities, funding agencies and with nongovernmental organizations and the general public.

Internship Programme
1) Terms and deadlines Fall term: 1 September - 31 December, 2010 Application deadline: 27 June, 2010 Spring term: 1 February - 31 May, 2011 Application deadline: 14 November, 2010

2) Working Conditions
Interns work full time during the regular working hours of the University: 9:30- 17:30, Monday to Friday and are provided office space and facilities as appropriate for their work.
Interns are provided a monthly stipend and enjoy the use of UNU Headquarters facilities, including the library and gym.
Visit the programme's website to find out more.

Web: http://www.unu.edu/internships/ro/

3) Work Assignments
Interns will learn about and provide support to the following ongoing assignments, projects and initiatives within the Office of the Rector:
• the preparation of orientation documents for the governing Council
• marketing and outreach; liaison with the United Nations system
• assistance with matters related to UNFCCC COP16
• the research and drafting of topical briefing notes
• the development of user-focused information packages, and
• the drafting of media releases, meeting minutes, summaries and other communication documents.

4) Application
Please visit the programme's website for application procedures and documents.

Web: http://www.unu.edu/internships/ro/application.html

Other Internship Opportunities at UNU
The United Nations University offers a number of internship opportunities to postgraduate students and young professionals from a wide range of disciplines.
Visit the UNU Internship Portal to learn about other opportunities at the United Nations University Headquarters in Tokyo and our offices and institutes in New York, Yokohama, Paris, Bruges, Helsinki, and Bonn.

Web: http://www.unu.edu/internships